4 Best Bowling Ball Inserts

Today’s market offers a wide range of bowling ball inserts. On top of them are Turbo Quad Grips, Vise Grips Power Lift and Oval, Vise Grips Power Lift and Semi, and Ultimate Bowling Urethane Insert.

Using inserts can be a good idea for those who want better control and grip of the ball at the moment of the ball’s release.  Inserts are made with a specific hole sized and are specifically shaped to match the player’s finger dimension to control the ball better.

For example, an insert can prevent finger irritations due to contact with the ball surface or prevent the skin from splitting. But what to look for and how to choose the best bowling ball insert? This article covers all you need to know about it.

What Is A Bowling Ball Insert?

In bowling, it is possible to use different grips to get different results or to be more effective in knocking down all the pins. Therefore, insert are primarily used in a fingertip grip. 

The inserts are made with different hole sizes that are supposed to match your finger dimensions and fit with the desired pitch angle drilled into the ball. 

Specifically, the fingertip grip is performed by placing the thumb in the bottom hole and the ring and middle finger in the corresponding holes only up to the first knuckle. 

This grip permits the player to have a better hook of the ball, but on the other side, it requires a higher strength in the hand and finger. Otherwise, the player might drop the ball sooner than intended.

A bowling ball insert can make it easy to manage and throw the ball and reduce the need to use protective tape. Generally, bowlers using a conventional grip might not require an insert. 

Most bowlers, especially beginners, use a conventional grip. It consists of inserting the thumb in the bottom hole up to the knuckle and inserting the ring and middle fingers in the rest of the holes past the second knuckle. 

It is generally used with an alley ball and not with a ball drilled purposely to fit the hand of the player (a case in which the ball insert might be helpful).

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Top Bowling Ball Insert To Consider

  • Turbo Quad Grips
  • Vise Grips Power Lift and Oval
  • Vise Grips Power Lift and Semi
  • Ultimate Bowling Urethane Insert

If you need to use a bowling ball insert, you must know which options are available. 

Here are some of the best options to choose from:

Turbo Quad Grips

One of the top bowling ball inserts in the market is the Turbo Quad Grips. They come in various colors to fit the preferences and styles of most players, and they are available in 19 different sizes.

In addition, they have a channel for glue that is only sometimes available with other brands. Turbo Quad grips are called this way because they have four different types of styles, such as:

  • Power Oval
  • Round Mesh
  • Perfect Oval
  • Perfect Oval Mesh

Good points in favor of this product are the low price, the high quality, and the different styles and colors available for players.

Vise Grips Power Lift And Oval

Vise Grips Power Lift and Oval are precisely what the name means. In fact, one side of each insert is oval, while the other is a power lift. The player can decide which side to use based on the type of shot required. 

The power lift can create more revs, while the oval side can help provide a smooth release of the ball. Vise has more sizes available for players than the previous brand. In fact, the players can count on 32 different sizes. 

In addition, Vise inserts are better suited for fingers, not thumbs, and are better utilized for fingertip grips. 

Vise Grips Power Lift And Semi

Vise Grips Power Lift and Semi is another great insert from the Vise group. However, it is specifically designed to be used for players who want to get additional assistance in performing a semi-fingertip grip.

This type of grip is made by inserting the thumb in the bottom hole up to the knuckle and the ring and middle fingers in the other holes between the first and the second knuckle. The player uses it to stay secure and still get the required hook

Vise Power Lift and Semi are high quality, cheap, and indicated when using a semi-fingertip grip. 

Ultimate Bowling Urethane Insert

Ultimate Bowling Urethane insert is used for thumbs. It is made of soft material and customizable to provide the best fit. As the name implies, it is made of urethane, and it is also a pre-sanded product. 

It is a highly comfortable and flexible product and easy to install. Players can also choose several colors. 

What Types Of Bowling Ball Inserts Are There?

There are two types of bowling ball inserts. Those are:

  • Thumb inserts
  • Finger inserts

Adding a bowling ball thumb insert can help a player to improve the feeling of the ball and increase control. Generally, when your thumb comes in contact with the ball, it can feel sticky, which is a problem at the moment of the release. 

A thumb insert can make it easy to release the ball, permitting a player to get the intended type of shot without interference. You can find thumb inserts made of vinyl or urethane in the market. They have a different feel, and urethane can be more slippery than other materials. 

It is better to try them and select the one that fits you the most. Finger inserts, on the other hand, are suitable for players who want to prevent calluses and have a softer feel when handling the ball. 

How Do You Choose A Bowling Ball Finger Insert?

  • the shape of the insert
  • the size of the insert
  • the color of the insert

For professional bowlers that use different types of grips, using a bowling ball finger insert can make a massive difference in the precision of a shot and thus improve the outcomes of a game. 

The right insert can significantly impact the grip and aid the player in releasing the ball at the intended moment. 

Here are a few things you should inspect before choosing a bowling finger insert:

The Shape Of The Insert

The shape of the insert can be instrumental in helping to perform a specific type of shot. For example, an oval insert can help create a lift and help the player at the moment of the release. 

On the other hand, a player might want to perform a semi-fingertip grip, and the correct insert suited for this grip is a better choice. 

The Size Of The Insert

The key factor in choosing and inserting is the size. The size depends on the hand of the player, and it should fit properly to the fingers. In addition, the insert needs to be comfortable, not too tight, to get the fingers stuck. 

In addition, you should go for an insert that provides an excellent feel and is somewhat relaxing. 

Ultimately, if you select a finger insert that is too loose, it will not be beneficial in improving the ball’s throw or will not add any comfort to the player. 

The Color Of The Insert

The color of the insert is not the most crucial factor to consider. However, many players like to have a specific style and colors around them. Fortunately, many brands provide a lot of colors to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Bowling Inserts?

Players use bowling inserts to make the ball fit perfectly into their hands. Insert are used to ensure a correct finger and pitch angle to influence the ball delivery technique and improve the shot and game results. 

How Tight Should Bowling Ball Finger Inserts Be?

How tight a bowling ball finger insert should depend on the hand of the player. A good rule of thumb is to have enough space for the fingers to slide comfortably. Inserts should not be too tight that fingers get stuck.

What Is An Alternative To Finger Inserts?

Those who do not want to use finger inserts can consider the alternative of custom holes drilled into the ball. But even players with custom-drilled holes into their balls might still want to use finger inserts. 

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