4 Reasons To Get Your Own Bowling Shoes

Why get bowling shoes? If you are a regular in bowling alleys, you know that staff will require you to rent a pair of bowling shoes before getting into the game. But have you ever thought of getting your shoes instead of renting every game?

Your bowling shoes will provide you with the proper fit you need, resulting in comfort. Properly fitted shoes improve your balance and footwork as you learn consistent ball delivery. Getting your own shoes instead of renting will save some costs in the long run.

If you are thinking of getting your own bowling shoes, stick around as we will tell you the top reasons.

Why Get Bowling Shoes?

If you are looking for an answer to “why get bowling shoes,” here are the top four reasons:

  • You will get the exact fit
  • Proper fit means better balance
  • Getting your own bowling shoes will provide a sense of familiarity
  • It cuts the cost you spend on renting 

If this list of reasons does not convince you yet, let us go over the details.

You Will Get The Exact Fit

Have you ever rented bowling shoes that do not fit your feet properly? Shoes that do not fit properly feel uncomfortable. Even worse, they can ruin your game as they prevent you from moving freely on the lane. 

On the other hand, buying bowling shoes will provide comfort and a better fit. This way, you can focus on your game instead of trying to adjust your shoes to make them more comfortable.

Proper Fit Means Better Balance

If you go to bowling alleys regularly, you probably know that bowling shoes can make a huge difference in how you play. Bowling shoes provide your footwork with a solid foundation. You will have better balance when releasing the ball by getting a pair of bowling shoes that fit you exactly the way they should. The shoes will also give you the correct traction and glide as you walk to the foul line.

Getting Your Own Bowling Shoes Will Provide A Sense Of Familiarity

The shoes you rent in bowling alleys are not the same. So, whenever you go bowling, you must familiarize yourself with the feel of the shoes you rent. 

On the other hand, wearing your shoes every time you go bowling will give you a familiar feel. This way, you can focus on your game instead of familiarizing yourself with the shoes’ traction. (source)

Buying Bowling Shoes Cuts The Cost You Spend On Renting

Why spend extra dollars on renting a pair of bowling shoes when you can get your own? While renting bowling shoes is not expensive, these fees add up, resulting in a high cost. Such is especially true if you go to bowling alleys regularly. 

If you plan to bowl regularly, getting your own pair of bowling shoes will help you save up some costs in the long run. 

How Sanitary Are Bowling Shoes?

Bowling is an extremely popular sport. For this reason, you can expect that hundreds of people have already worn the rental shoes provided by bowling alleys. Considering this fact, you may ask, “how sanitary are bowling shoes?”

How Do Bowling Alleys Sanitize Rental Shoes?

There are many methods bowling alleys can use to sanitize their rental shoes. But since players come and go, bowling shoes must be clean and ready for use as soon as possible. For this reason, most bowling alleys use a disinfectant spray to sanitize their rental shoes after each use. Sanitizing bowling shoes and equipment is a requirement that every bowling alley must adhere to.

Still, it is essential to know that these sanitation methods may vary from one alley to another. 

If you are not comfortable with using bowling shoes worn by other people, you can purchase your own and use them every time you go bowling. (source)

Are There Risks To Renting Bowling Shoes?

The bowling shoes you can rent in the alleys are dirty. Bowling alleys do not wash them with soap and water, so dirt accumulates on the shoes’ internal and external parts. While bowling alleys use disinfectants to kill possible bacteria and microorganisms, there is still a chance that you might get contaminated bowling shoes. 

Fungal infection is one of the risks that wearing rental bowling shoes has. Bowling shoes can transport fungus from one user to another, especially if the bowling alley staff does not spray enough disinfectant spray in the shoes. If you have an open wound on your foot, the risk of getting an infection is higher. (source)

How To Reduce The Risk Of Infection From Wearing Rental Shoes

The best way to reduce the risk of infection from wearing bowling shoes provided by alleys is to get your own pair. This way, you are sure that the shoes you will wear for every game are clean and not contaminated with bacteria or fungi.

But if you do not bowl regularly and do not want to buy shoes, you can wear thick socks to prevent exposing your feet to potential infection. Apart from protection, wearing thick socks can also provide comfort by adding an extra layer of cushion for your feet. (source)

Summing Things Up

Why get bowling shoes? The simple answer is that wearing the right shoes can significantly affect your play. A pair of shoes that fit your feet well will provide excellent gliding action and balance. You will also save up on the cost of renting after some time. 

Another reason to get your bowling shoes is that rental shoes provided by bowling alleys can be home to bacteria and fungi. While bowling alleys sanitize shoes after each use, they are still likely to contract an infection from wearing them. 

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