Bowling Questions: For everyone

I created this site after a friend and long-time bowler pointed out to me that his younger relatives wanted to learn more about bowling but couldn’t find good answers to their basic questions. After 5 decades of bowling, I do have some experience to share. What’s amazing to me is how much things have changed over the years while the basics have remained almost entirely intact.

My grandfather and mother taught me how to bowl decades ago when I was 5 or 6 years old-too small for bowling shoes. Sock-footed bowling teaches you slide control right out of the gate, believe me! Of course, it isn’t the safest way to go.

As I moved on into middle school and high school years, I enjoyed bowling competitively for my school clubs as well as on local teams. I was typically the youngest member, as these were mostly older adults I was competing with. During those same years, I traveled out of state to watch my grandfather compete in regional tournaments. I look back on those years as great memories.

Once college rolled around, I competed in the intramural level leagues, then later introduced my then future wife to the sport in a coed “win a bowling ball” league. We continued to bowl together after we married and I moved into grad school. I continued to enter the college intramural competitions as a grad student. We also formed a hospital-wide league for weekly play.

Over those years, I accumulated so many trophies we couldn’t store them all. When my grandfather died, my mom had all of his, hers and mine stored in a massive stack in the closet. I continued to accumulate awards until I finally started my professional career in medicine and started our family.My kids, like many these days, were involved in many sports and activities. They excelled at some, so we encouraged growth in those areas. But we also took them bowling many times, and hosted bowling birthday parties fir their friends several times. During this period, bowling alleys in my area were rapidly closing, and the sport was in decline.

When my buddy approached me about starting a website to help introduce the sport to younger people interested in getting started for fun or for competition, I suggested that I would help him get it going. Shortly after, his situation changed and I decided it was still worthwhile to get this info onto the internet.

So here I am with Bowling Questions, committed to helping new bowlers get started and experienced bowlers improve their games. Along the way, I’ll provide some basic tips that even long-time bowlers may not know.