Can Bowling Induce Labor? (What You Need To Know About Bowling And Pregnancy)

It’s common for some women to bowl regularly before becoming pregnant. If you’re one of them, it’s essential to take it easy since your body is going through changes.

Bowling does not induce labor and is considered safe for the most part during pregnancy. Bowling is a non-contact, non-impact activity. So it meets criteria for safe participation by pregnant women. However, it is a good idea to take it easy as many changes occur in the body during pregnancy. 

Bowling is typically considered a low-impact sport, but it requires carrying a heavy ball, which may be unpleasant for those with physical limitations. The big concern is whether or not it’s safe for expectant mothers, who are carrying the weight equivalent of 1 bowling ball by second trimester, with increases from there.

Is It Ok to Go Bowling While Pregnant?

Bowling is a sport, a game, and a form of physical activity. It’s a great way to stay active throughout pregnancy ( because it’s low-impact and enjoyable. She explains that it’s an excellent way to network and make friends. 

Keeping active throughout pregnancy is essential for the mother and the developing baby. It might make a pregnant woman less likely to get diabetes or give birth before her pregnancy is over. Also, it might help shorten the labor length and prevent problems during the birthing process.

Although bowling is fun, it comes with some risks. According to a study, it can cause upper and lower extremities injuries due to the forces involved. It means that even if you’re used to hitting the ball with a particular style, keep in mind that you should always avoid getting hit in the belly.

When Should I Stop Bowling When Pregnant?

Bowling is a slow to medium paced activity that doesn’t require much physical exertion, so it’s an excellent choice for families.

Therefore, it is not unsafe to bowl while one is carrying a child. However, it is not a good idea for some pregnant women to go bowling due to potential health risks. These risks include the following:

  • Carrying twins or more
  • Preeclampsia
  • Heart disease
  • Placenta previa 
  • Pre-term labor

Also, according to Rachel MacPherson, who is qualified as a personal trainer, bowling is perfectly safe during through third trimester of pregnancy. On the other hand, she mentioned that it could be challenging to get into the position.

How To Bowl During Pregnancy?

Can bowling induce labor? No, if you know the safer and proper way to bowl during pregnancy. 

According to Shieva Ghofrany, a doctor and co-founder of Tribe called V; bowling is fine for pregnant women as long as they are aware of any discomfort. However, she noted a risk to the ligaments and advised that expectant mothers should avoid lifting or swinging the ball while pregnant.

Despite the low risk associated with playing a sport like bowling, pregnant women should avoid it due to the ligaments and joints in their bodies becoming weak. The actions involved in the game can also put pressure on their backs. 

Here’s how you can enjoy bowling without risking your pregnancy:

  • It’s important to watch your step. Bowling lanes are oiled to improve ball movement and make the game more enjoyable. Always observe where you’re going, and don’t step over the line into the oncoming traffic.
  • Keep your body straight. Remember that your body should be in a straight line and that you should bend your knees slightly when executing a certain motion. Take a break or modify your form if you notice your back hurting.
  • It would be best if you also watched your weight. Although you should bowl with a lighter ball, you should still use one easy to carry and lift. As your pregnancy progresses, you might want to use a maternity belt to distribute the weight of your growing baby.
  • Choose a lighter ball. If you’re carrying a baby, it’s important to use a ball lighter than your favorite. Carrying a heavy load can be a risky move for pregnant women.
  • Strengthen your upper body to improve your bowling skills. Doing so can help you avoid getting injured while you’re playing. In addition to regular exercise, it’s also important to follow pregnancy-safe exercise.
  • Be careful. Taking it slowly is also important to avoid hurting yourself while engaging in physical activity. The lanes at bowling alleys are designed to keep the ball moving freely so you can walk safely.
  • A two-handed release can help avoid injury while executing a move. Keep going until you feel no tension or pain in your hips, back, or stomach.

Benefits Of Bowling To Pregnant Women

Can bowling induce labor? If you see the good side of bowling, you will not have any fear of enjoying this low-impact activity. 

Regular exercise before, during, and after pregnancy has been shown to reduce the risk of complications for women. With a physician’s recommendation, you can participate in several low-impact activities. Here’s how you can benefit from bowling:

  • Low-impact exercises are better for the health of the growing infant and may lower the chance of the mother acquiring diabetes or high blood pressure. If you do, it will be much easier to keep a healthy and active lifestyle while pregnant.
  • Low-impact activities offer numerous positive effects, including those that are beneficial to your heart and endurance and improve your physical health and sense of self-worth. Additionally, it acts as an antidepressant in the body.
  • Exercising regularly lowers the risk of difficulties for pregnant women and women who have just given birth. In addition, there is some evidence that they can help reduce the risk of women experiencing postpartum depression.


Although bowling isn’t considered a high-impact activity, it does require some lifting and balancing. Because your body goes through various changes during pregnancy, you might feel pain while bowling. 

Follow these helpful measures, and educate yourself on what you need to know about bowling during pregnancy, so you can enjoy this low-impact sport without worrying about injuring yourself. That being said, enjoy a good game of bowling, but be careful!

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