The Reason Why Bowling Shoes Are So Ugly!

If you only bowl a couple of times a year, you’ll need to rent a pair of bowling shoes. Or you can buy your pair. Even if you don’t care about how they perform, you’ll need to have them hit the lanes.

Rental bowling shoe designs are made non-appealing to discourage theft. Color choices aren’t attractive. Having sturdy sole and stiffer upper leather requires some design compromises. Bowling alleys prefer for their shoes to look identical. Buying your own shoes gives you many more attractive options.

Bowling shoes are usually ugly and heavy. Compared to other types of sporting equipment, these shoes are not very appealing. Some people have criticized the appearance of bowling shoes, but others understand this is intentional, and there’s a reason why they are designed the way they are.

What Do Bowling Shoes Look Like?

  • Designs 
  • Colors

The various designs and colors of bowling shoes can serve multiple functions. They can help the wearer identify the slide and traction shoes and assist the bowler in maintaining a stable base while releasing the ball. Having the proper shoes can help improve a player’s score.

These are probably the most common shoes you will see around town. The rubber and leather hybrid sole makes these shoes incredibly slippery. It makes them incredibly easy to slide on.


An athletic-style bowling shoe is similar to a pair of gym shoes but performs better on the lanes. Most of these shoes feature a sliding rubber sole, which benefits beginners and occasional players. On the other hand, a performance bowling shoe is made for the sport of bowling and is designed to improve the skills of its wearer.


Even though brown, white, and grey are the traditional colors for bowls shoes, the World Indoor Bowls Council (WIBC) and Member National Bowling Authorities are legally permitted to use other colors if so wish.

History Of Bowling Shoes

The concept of bowling shoes has been around for a long time. The first known bowling shoes designed for the sport were imported to the US in 1888. Since then, they have been standard equipment in all kinds of bowling centers.

Over the centuries, the evolution of bowling shoes has been remarkable. In 1848, they were made from leather, but they have since improved.

These things are made today from man-made materials like plastic, rubber, and leather. Before the modern bowling shoe was invented, early models featured a rubber sole and were made in black. In the nineteenth century, spikes were added to the underside of shoes.

What Makes Bowling Shoes Ugly?

  • Tacky Colors
  • Skin
  • Lack of Personality 
  • Unfashionable
  • Uncomfortable 

Tacky Colors

Why are bowling shoes so ugly? It’s because of the colors. Many bowling shoes have tacky colors or unappealing patterns. Also, the lace options are not ideal. Although it may seem odd, creating a pair of bowling shoes with contrasting colors is a good idea. It shows off how the shoes work and gives them a unique look.

By associating the color of a shoe with what it does, a player can easily tell which type is right for them. It will let them figure out whether the shoe is good for a left- or right-handed athlete.


Why are bowling shoes so ugly for some? Most people don’t think bowling shoe skins add anything to the shoe’s appearance. They believe that they’re made out of low-quality materials and are uncomfortable. 

However, these shoes are exceptionally slick because they are constructed from a blend of leather and rubber. Because of the smooth surface of the bowling alley’s floor, you can glide effortlessly over it with these.

Rubber heels can help you stop your slide immediately after you release the ball. Also, regular players can customize their pair of bowling shoes. These can have a slippery sole or a rubber sole for stability.

Lack of Personality 

Bowling shoes lack personality.

Bowling shoes often have cumbersome soles that are thick and bulky, which can make the shoes look awkward and out of style. In addition, the style of these shoes can make them appear unappealing to some people.

In modern times, it has become increasingly popular to show who you are through the clothes you wear. It can be thought of as a form of recreation. Some people dress in a low-key way so their unique personalities don’t get lost in their clothes. 

Some people like to express their uniqueness through the clothing they wear. However, bowling shoes are not permitted to have any design on them.

Why Are Bowling Shoes Necessary?

  • Protection
  • Easy slide


Bowling shoes are different from regular shoes because they are made to protect the wearer and help them slide smoothly. They also prevent the wearer from getting too slippery while maintaining their balance. A solid surface on which to bowl is also important to ensure you don’t get tripped up.

Easy Slide

These shoes have to be just the right amount of slick to allow you to slide around on the floor without losing grip. To get the most out of your throwing stance, you must slide one leg over the other while keeping the other free to roam. 

It can be done by wearing any of my recommended bowling shoes with adjustable soles. The shoes you need to glide around the floor provide the necessary friction to stay planted. However, your shoes may be set up differently depending on your throwing style.

Can You Wear Regular Shoes for Bowling?

If you’re planning on bowling in conventional shoes, such as sneakers or flat shoes, you should be aware that you might injure yourself if you do so. There are key differences between tennis shoes and bowling shoes.

Also, the debris and dirt from your shoes could get tracked across the alley. This is why you can’t wear bowling shoes outside.

Before you play the lanes, make sure you know the rules and regulations of the sport. Before you can bowl, you’ll need to change into your bowling shoes. You can get these from the front desk of the facility.


Why are bowling shoes so ugly? There are reasons why bowling shoes are ugly to some wearers. ​​The same thing that there are some reasons why bowling shoes are useful, especially when it comes to safeguarding the lanes. Unlike other shoes, these shoes have low contact with the floor, so they won’t leave marks.

Now you know that bowling requires a special pair of shoes, which must be donned before the game can begin. Also, ensure you know the bowling rules and regulations before hitting the alleys. 

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