The Top Bowling Ball Manufacturers In The USA

Storm, Brunswick, Pyramid, Ebonite, and Motiv make up a big part of the US domestic market. Each of these companies has its way of making bowling balls and produces different kinds of balls.

At the moment, those five big companies in the US make bowling balls. Each manufacturer features the best brands that are well-acclaimed by their customers worldwide. 

Who Is The Best Bowling Ball Manufacturer?

  • Storm
  • Brunswick 
  • Pyramid
  • Ebonite
  • Motiv


American manufacturer and seller of bowling balls and other equipment, Storm Inc. is based in Brigham City, Utah. The company also has facilities in Texas and California. It has various sponsorship deals with professional leagues, such as the Professional Bowl Association, and has provided many balls to experienced players.

In 1997, Storm purchased the former Roto Grip brand. It then started its own bowling accessory company called Master. In 2000, it also patented a method that allows people to add perfumes to their bowling balls.

According to Storm, the company will be able to operate as a stand-alone operation. Storm invested in Global Manufacturing LLC, which makes the 900 Global line of bowling shoes and balls. In 2014, the company announced that it would be producing 3G bowling shoes and balls under the 900 Global brand. 

Storm bowling ball manufacturing plant tour

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The Best Storm Bowling Balls 

Storm Phaze III (Amazon)

Storm makes bowling balls in the USA. The Storm Phaze III is a high-tech bowling ball that is made to give you a fantastic game. It has a hybrid reactive cover that is polished to 1500grit. It can move quickly down the lane and save energy for when you need it without overreacting. The ball works well for various patterns and bowling styles. Reviewers love how it smells like grapevines.

Storm IQ Tour Emerald (Amazon)

The Storm IQ Tour Emerald strikes a good balance between a backend hook and control in the middle of the lane. Users have given it a 5-star rating because of how smoothly and consistently it changes directions downline. It has a pearl reactive coverstock with a 1500-grit finish that you can adjust to fit your needs. The dark green sphere adds some color and looks great in action.

Storm HyRoad Bowling Ball (Amazon)

The Storm Hy-Road has shown that every shot has a goal for eight years. The inverted Fe2 technology gives the ball a powerful and consistent feel. The R2S Hybrid Reactive is a reliable choice for Storm.

The inverted Fe2 technology is similar to Thunder Line balls in terms of its differential and R.G. B. Still. It has a unique advantage over the others: it doesn’t have the same core material. It allows the ball to have a thicker shell, increasing the restitution coefficient. It also allows the pins to bend less and transfer more energy when they hit the ball.


Brunswick also makes bowling balls in the USA. In 1906, Bensinger opened a factory in the city of Muskegon, Michigan. The facility became the company’s main location. In the 1940s, it had grown to a million square feet and made many things, including a mineralised bowling ball that cost $20.

The rise of Brunswick, which started with the founding of John Moses Brunswick and bowling, is similar to that of the sport itself. He brought games like billiards and bowling to the public. 

Early Years And Evolution Of The Company

In 1895, he established the American Bowling Congress, which conducted the first major tournament. The ABC then developed professional leagues and global appeal.

In 1976, Brunswick opened its first bowling center in Moscow, which helped spread the sport worldwide. The company also has facilities in Michigan, Hungary, and Hong Kong. Its research and development capabilities are located in both countries.

Over a century, Brunswick has been a significant player in the bowling industry. Through its innovations, the company has been instrumental in the growth of the tenpin bowling industry. They are now valued at more than $10 billion worldwide.

It has been a part of the bowling industry for over a hundred years. Through its partnership with owners and investors, the company helped improve the experience’s quality for the people who bowl and the communities they serve. Brunswick is the leading supplier of full-service bowling equipment and services.

The Best Brunswick Bowling Balls

Brunswick T Zone (Amazon)

Bowlers of all skill levels will succeed with the Brunswick T-Zone as their first ball. It is protected by a durable polyester cover, ensuring its dependability and accuracy. Because it is less expensive, it is an excellent choice for people who want to save money on other purchases.

Bowlers who are more experienced and searching for a straighter shot can consider using the Brunswick T-Zone ball. Because its core is symmetrical and doesn’t hook up very often, it is easy to hit the spare shot mark consistently.

Brunswick Gold Crown Jewel Bowling Ball (Amazon)

The Crown Jewel is a one-of-a-kind polyester ball that you can purchase from Brunswick. The TZone line is outclassed by the performance of shots made with this material, which are both more difficult and precise. In addition to that, it has a shimmer that is composed entirely of gold.

Brunswick T Zone Galactic Sparkle (Amazon)

The Brunswick TZone line is made for bowlers of all skill levels. It has bright colors and is very strong. Even though it isn’t very good at hooking fish, this polyester is great for new or backup anglers. It’s best used in dry conditions. The straightest balls have the highest numbers, and the strongest reaction shapes have a value of 99.


Pyramid Bowling is another company that makes bowling balls in the USA. It was started in 2011 to sell high-quality bowling equipment at a price that most people could afford. Since then, the company has grown to be an industry leader and is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers.

The bowling balls and other related products could be reasonably priced. The company’s initial offerings included a line of polyester bowling balls. Over the years, it has grown to include various other performance equipment and apparel. Pyramid is committed to providing the best possible customer experience.

They proudly offer over 200 products with the latest technology and styles. All of their products are tested and proven by long-time bowlers.

The Best Pyramid Bowling Balls 

Pyramid Path Rising (Amazon)

The Pyramid Path Rising ball is known for any bowling style. It features a 1500-grit polish that adds a responsive feel and a sleek appearance. The resin coverstock also provides a subtle yet effective hook. Since the ball can be drilled in various ways, it’s ideal for most games.

Even though things like the type of lane and the weather can affect how well a bowler does, strokers and two-handed players can now use this technology to their best advantage.

The Pyramid Bowling balls have a variety of motions that you can use on a wide range of lanes. The New Era 139 core can drill the ball for a powerful backend and roll, or you can use it to go long and hard. The Path Reactive Pearl coverstock adds a bit of spice to the ball. It produces a variety of moves for different abilities.

Pyramid Urethane Bowling Ball Plague Pathogen (Amazon)

People who want something a little more modern should get a urethane bowling ball that can hit hard and turn dry lanes into their playgrounds. The Pyramid Pathogen Plague Urethane is a urethane ball that looks like it came from the 1970s. It has excellent control and length in both dry and oily conditions.

The Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball 

The Curse Pearl is a powerful core that allows you to return to your power. Its high differential and the low ratio will enable it to read the middle of the lane easily. This edition is a strong ball made from the coverstock of the Divergent Path Pearl. Thus, it makes it an ideal GPS Navigational Pearl. The factory-finished surface gives it a clean and crisp look.

It has a high-performance reaction time at a low-performance or mid-range price. Some sellers will ask $200 or $150 for this ball. It is a great choice for people who want a ball that won’t break the bank.

Brief video on bowling ball manufacturing process


Ebonite. is one who makes bowling balls in the USA. The company that made bowling balls and other related products was EBonite International. Its main manufacturing facility was in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 

In 2002, the company known as EBonite International purchased the Hammer bowling ball brand. In 2007, it bought Columbia Industries, one of the industry’s leading ball producers. The company’s most popular product was the Columbia 300 line of balls.

In addition to the company’s core business of making plastic products, such as plastic bowling balls, it also acquired the rights to the brands known as Track International and Dynothane. Columbia owned these two brands and then purchased them from the company.

On November 15, 2019, the company said it had sold its assets to Brunswick Bowling Products. However, the agreement did not include the Hopkinsville facility. In 2019, the company announced it would continue making EBI brands at its factories.

The Best EBonite Bowling Balls

The One Remix (Amazon)

It is a new take on an old Ebonite classic. It has a color scheme that looks a lot like the original One. Its core is made of the same materials as the original One, but DynamiCore and DOT have been added. The solid shell of the GB 14.4 is also made with a new aggressive formula that is finished at the factory with SiaAir and Crown Compound 500/1000.

Polaris Hybrid (Amazon)

The new GSV-3 Hybrid coverstock combines the asymmetrical core of the original Polaris with the GSV-3, which was first used on the Choice and Verdict balls. This ball has a solid version of the GSV-3, and three different types of SiaAir give it a finish that looks matte.

The Polaris Hybrid’s box finish gave it a solid back end and a long length. Testers found that it was open to changes on the surface.

Envision (Amazon)

The new EBonite Envision features a solid coverstock wrapped around an asymmetrical core. It is done using a 500- to 2000-point SiaAir finish. The unique core shape has an Rg of 2.501′′ and a total differential of 0.053′′, which is higher than the previous core’s design. Thus, it provides a bit more length and stability down the lane.

The design of the new heavy oil test pattern by Envision provided a strong and efficient look for the incoming ball. Its box finish easily dug into the middle lane, allowing plenty of downhill motion and a strong hook. 

Tweener was also able to chase the ball left in the transition without worrying about it shooting past the break because of the fresh part of the test session. The box finish’s ability to create a hook without losing energy was very effective.


Motiv is another US bowling ball manufacturer. During the 1990s, the bowling ball construction was changed to include a high-performance core designed to steer the ball down the lane. At the start of this process, they were able to produce a wide range of high-performance cores for their customers.

Due to the production of bowling balls being shifted overseas, they had to find a new way to use their expertise. One of the most exciting choices was to bring ball production back to Michigan, using the new product known as Motiv.

In 2007, they started working on a new bowling ball. Scott Wilbur, the president of Motiv Bowling, said they wanted to deliver top performance and introduced various new features to the market to set the brand apart.

After months of development, the MOTIV engineers created a new concept for the bowling ball industry. They could get rid of engraving on the balls using their NeoMarkTM technology.

Improving The Bowling Balls Over Time

By letting the bowling ball be changed, the process improved its performance. It also helps prevent it from breaking or chipping. NeoMarkTM technology allows the ball to keep moving along the track.

Motiv’s engineers work hard to ensure their customers get the best performance possible. They are constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance of their products. They also offer a ball guide to ensure customers have the widest selection of products.

Bowling This Month did tests of performance in 2012, and the results were outstanding. The majority of the tests were conducted on the Motiv bowling balls. These tests showed that the company’s products could perform well.

The Best Motiv Bowling Balls

Jackal Ambush (Amazon)

The Jackal Ambush can surprise you with its power and ability to control its environment. This ball pushes the limits of how far the ball and hook can move and gives you the confidence to go bowling, knowing you have the strength to win.

The Jackal Ambush has a new coverstock system called Leverage Solid. It is meant to make the ball roll more smoothly down the lane and be stronger in oil than the last generation of coverstocks. This new system is the most aggressive one Motiv ball has made.

Odyssey (Amazon)

The Odyssey is the newest addition to the popular Trident line. It has a popular core from the past, gives a strong cover, and keeps the ball from giving away its motion down the lane. It works great in places with a lot of oil.

The Odyssey is the most up-to-date version of the CoercionTM coverstock system. The CoercionTM FYS cover is made in a unique way that gives it a lot of hooks without stopping the ball from going down the lane.

The new TridentTM is called the Odyssey, and its core is the same TurbulentTM used in the last generation. The ball should have a core with a lower RG for the best control when the oil is thicker.

Venom Shock (Amazon)

The purple shell of the Venom Shock reacts violently to medium oil conditions. It has a GearTM weight block and a TurmoilTM MFS, a modified version of the covert revolt’s aggressive shell from the previous generation. This combination makes a backbone motion that is both smooth and sharp.

The Venom Shock looks good on a store shelf. Its orange and green colors are bright, and the outside of its purple shell is also bright. The green and orange logos on the balls glow for people who like to bowl at night.

It is perfect for moderate to high speeds and lower rpm rates. It uses in places with more friction. It works best at night in league games and on patterns with low volume.


If you put in the time and effort, a better bowling ball can help you improve your game. A bowling ball is one of the first items you should purchase if you’re serious about bowling and plan on improving your game or playing frequently. 

But remember that you can get the most out of your ball and make the best decision for your game if you familiarize yourself with the underlying scientific concepts that govern bowling balls and how they are made. This article has provided a clear breakdown of how these manufacturers stayed on top of the market because of the high-quality bowling balls they produce. 

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