3 Reasons Why Your Bowling Ball Goes Right (And How To Fix It)

Why does my bowling ball go right? Beginners in bowling often experience the problem of not being able to throw the ball in the direction they intend to. It results in missed shots, which can ruin your game. 

A bowling ball goes right when your push away is off or you have a wrong stance, form or delivery. These issues affect how you throw your ball, preventing it from rolling in a straight line or hooking where you intended. Inconsistent oil distribution in the bowling lane can also cause your ball to move right.

This article will discuss the reasons why your bowling ball keeps going right. We will also tackle how you can fix this ball-throwing problem, so make sure to stick around.

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Why Does My Bowling Ball Go Right?

  • Your push away is off
  • Inconsistent oil distribution in the bowling lane
  • Your form is incorrect

If your bowling ball keeps going right when you release it, observe whether you are making the following mistakes:

Your Push Away Is Off

The way you push the ball determines the direction it rolls once you release it on the lane. Your push away influences your footwork, timing, swing, and balance. So, an incorrect push away will cause the bowling ball to miss the direction it should take.

For instance, you are a right-handed player pushing the bowling ball away to the right. In this case, the peak of your backswing will be at the back of your head instead of being parallel to your body. Your bowling ball keeps going right because of an incorrect push away. (source)

Inconsistent Oil Distribution In The Bowling Lane

Another reason your bowling ball is going to the right is the bowling lane’s oil distribution change. Bowling lanes have a layer of oil that protects the wood from scratching and other damage. 

However, bowling balls absorb some of the oil as you throw it to the pins. The rolling motion of the balls also pushes the oil forward, resulting in a thicker layer of oil on the farther areas of the lane. 

The repetitive motions of the bowling ball create inconsistencies in the pattern of the lane’s oil. It affects the ball’s path, which is why your bowling ball keeps going right. (source)

Your Bowling Form Is Incorrect

Your hand must sway straight like a pendulum in a proper bowling form once you release the ball. But if your stance is off, the ball will roll on the side instead of traveling in a straight line. An incorrect form will cause this problem, no matter how much you practice your bowling ball delivery.

How Do You Make A Bowling Ball Go Straight?

  • Move your body to the right of the bowling lane
  • Adjust how you throw your bowling ball
  • Practice your bowling stance

Every bowler develops their skills as they practice. However, some pitfalls are unavoidable no matter how much you honed your skills. For instance, you may still encounter a bowling ball that goes right even when you already know the basics of bowling. 

Fortunately, there is always a fix to this problem. Applying these fixes to your game can increase your bowling skill level. 

Move Your Body To The Right Of The Bowling Lane

This tip may sound counterintuitive since your bowling ball is already going to the right. However, moving your position to the right while aiming to throw the ball in a straight line will help you adjust your push away. The same fix is applicable if your bowling ball keeps rolling to the left when you release it.

Adjust How You Throw Your Bowling Ball

Changing lane conditions require changes in your position. You can do two things once you notice that the oil distribution in the lane is starting to change – angular and parallel adjustments. (source)

Angular Adjustment

Angular moves refer to how you maintain the angle of your shoulders and swing when hitting the pins. As the condition of the bowling lane changes, you may need to increase the angle between your shoulders and swing. This way, you can prevent the bowling ball from hooking too much to the right. 

You can make an angular adjustment by positioning your shoulder to face the target. 

Parallel Adjustment

Making a parallel adjustment in how you release the bowling ball involves moving your target as you move your feet. For instance, if you moved your position by two boards to the left, you also need to move your target by two boards in the same direction. This move will make your latest shot parallel to your last shot. (source)

Practice Your Bowling Stance

Practicing your bowling stance will help you aim at your target accurately. You can see whether or not your form is off with the help of a mirror. Stand in front of a mirror and position your body as if trying to release a bowling ball. A proper bowling stance should not twist your body too much with your arm not stretching too far back. 

You can also ask someone to take a video of you delivering the ball. This way, you can watch yourself play, allowing you to see the areas you need to improve. If you want to make bowling more than a pastime, you can hire a bowling coach to help you improve your form. Bowling coaches can really help you get to a good level of bowling.  Maybe even professional!

Summing Things Up

Why does my bowling ball go right? Your bowling position, push away, and the condition of the bowling lane contribute to this problem. If your bowling position and push away are inconsistent, your bowling ball will roll to the side instead of moving straight to the pins. 

Fortunately, you can correct the direction of the bowling ball with practice. Honing your bowling skills will allow you to hit the target without focusing on adjusting your position. Instead, you will position your body and perform a good push-away naturally.

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