4 Tips For Keeping Your Wrist Straight When Bowling

How to keep your wrist straight when bowling? Making sure that your bowling ball follows a straight line after release is essential to learn. Knowing how to keep your wrist straight when delivering a ball can make a massive difference to your score.

Wrist braces are often used to keep a bowler’s wrist straight.. Aligning your body also helps to keep the straight position of your wrist. Heavier bowling balls will resist wrist rotation more than lightweight balls. A ball with a conventional grip will also keep your wrist straight.

If you want to keep a straight wrist when delivering a bowling ball, then read on, as this article is for you.

How To Keep Wrist Straight When Bowling

  • Align your entire body
  • Utilize conventional grip
  • Keep your form in mind when releasing the ball
  • Use a bowling wrist brace

Releasing your ball straight involves keeping your wrist straight. Here’s how to keep your wrist straight when bowling:

Align Your Entire Body

It is not only your wrist that you need to keep straight when bowling. You also need to observe the alignment of your entire body as you take your form to release the ball. A consistent launch angle and a straight form will help keep your wrist straight once you release the ball. 

Aligning your body will help you project the ball in your desired direction. For this reason, you will not have to twist your wrist to bring the ball in your desired direction. As a result, you can keep your wrist straight once you throw the ball into the bowling pins.

Utilize A Conventional Grip

A bowling ball with conventional grips will give your arm more control as you can position your fingers deeper into the ball. It also allows you to deliver accurate shots, thanks to the grip’s secure and stable feel. Conventional grips also feel tighter and more fitted than regular bowling ball grips. It is especially beneficial if you are a beginner. 

Even better, bowling balls with conventional grips make it challenging to generate a hook. As a result, you can keep your wrist straight once you take a shot. Since a conventional grip is stable to hold, you will not drop the ball unless you are intentionally releasing it. 

Keep Your Form In Mind When Releasing The Ball.

You need to move your three fingers at the same time when releasing the ball. Then, bring your hand up to the same level as your forehead after the delivery. You can keep your hand and wrist straight when bowling with patience and practice. 

In addition, it is essential to align your aim with the bowling pins. Not only will this help you keep a straight wrist, but it will also ensure a score. (source)

Use A Bowling Wrist Brace

A bowling wrist brace resembles a glove but only covers up to the middle of your palms. This equipment can help if you have trouble keeping your wrist straight when releasing a bowling ball. 

A bowling brace aims to keep your wrist straight when delivering a bowling ball. It prevents your hand from tilting when you throw the ball, resulting in lesser wrist movement. A bowling wrist brace aids you in positioning your hand correctly. (source)

Bowling Hand Position

  • Straight ball
  • Hook ball

The position of your hand will determine how much energy you can exert when you deliver the bowling ball. The more power you transfer to the ball, the better your chances of knocking the bowling pins down. Below are more details of the different bowling hand positions.

Straight Ball Hand Position

A straight ball bowling hand position prioritizes accuracy. You can do this release by setting the bowling ball to the release position you want and keeping it in the entire swing. 

Your thumb should be at the 12 o’clock position, while your fingers are at 6 o’clock when doing a straight release. This way, your thumb and fingers align at the back of the ball, resulting in less side roll. It means the bowling ball’s initial direction after releasing it will remain almost the same until it reaches the pocket. (source)

Your fingers should be behind the ball when doing a straight-hand position. Once your fingers are in position, you need to rotate your forearm a bit to line it up with your fingers. Straight ball hand position also requires you to straighten your wrist. (source)

Hook Ball Hand Position

You can achieve a good hook ball by positioning your fingers under the bowling ball. While you do not need excessive motion to perform this hand-bowling position, you must ensure that your fingers are at 10 o’clock and 4 o’clock. It will help you create a compelling hook. It is also worth noting that your thumb should slide off the grip before you reach the release position.

Another type of hook ball hand position is the passive hook release. It is the easiest ball release to learn, making it ideal for beginner bowlers. In addition, the passive hook release is effective for doing strikes. (source)

The passive hook release involves positioning your hand for the hook right when you start swinging to deliver the ball. Then, you need to keep this hand position until the end of the swing. Like in the hook release, your fingers must be in 10 and 4 o’clock positions. (source)

Final Thoughts

If you are a bowling enthusiast, you are probably asking how to keep your wrist straight when bowling. While this involves practice and mastery, we hope the above tips can help you achieve your goal. 

Keeping your wrist straight when bowling is crucial in achieving a good ball release in your desired direction. If you know how to keep a straight wrist when delivering the ball, you have a bigger chance of knocking down your targets, resulting in an excellent score. 

However, it is essential to note that different bowling releases require twisting your wrist. 

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