A Guide To Nail Care For Bowlers

If you have long nails and plan to try bowling, you may be asking, “Will bowling break my nails?” Although you might not think bowling is risky, having long nails could be harmful. Although nails are usually the most likely to break, there is a chance of additional harm.

To protect your nails while bowling, you can apply nail care techniques such as using bowling tape and nail protectors. It is also essential to choose the right bowling ball, and you can ask for a ball ramp. Inserts can also help protect fingernails..

If your nails get caught on the ball or the lane, it can tear the nail bed away from your skin. This instance can lead to severe discomfort and long-term damage. You can also risk injury if you direct the ball with your fingers. Thus, this article can help you protect your nails while you enjoy bowling. 

How To Protect Your Nails While Bowling 

  • Apply proper techniques
  • Use bowling tapes 
  • Choose the right bowling ball
  • Ask for a ball ramp
  • Apply nail care essentials
  • Use nail protectors
  • Healthy diet and nutrition

Apply Proper Techniques

Those with long nails may find it harder to bowl than others. If you’re asking, “Will bowling break my nails?” A strong blow can easily remove the skin from the nail bed. Before and after playing a game of bowling, your nails must be in good condition. This way will keep them safe and reduce the possibility of skin tearing.

One of the most important steps is to grasp the ball lightly. Doing so will allow you to avoid bending or breaking your nails. Another essential step is to avoid crashing the ball when you release it.

Some people prefer to bowl on ramps instead of using their fingers because it eliminates the need to place their hands inside the ball. Those who want to experience the same fun and safety can opt for bowling with acrylic nails and using the ball ramps.

Another technique you can use is the granny-roll technique. To avoid damaging your nails while you’re bowling, keep your hands away from the balls. Try a two-handed bowling technique or granny roll if you’re worried about your nails. 

This method will allow you to hold the ball in your palm instead of in the holes. However, some people might need help to do this due to their hands’ size.

Make Use Of Bowling Tapes 

If you’re asking, “Will bowling break my nails?” You can use protective bowling tape to protect your fingers and nails while you’re using the ball. It can also help hold the ball. Bowling tape is made from a material designed to protect the nails and fingers from getting hurt.

The two kinds of bowling tape are different (in-hole and on-thumb video), but they have the same purpose. One type is designed to stick directly to your thumb, while the other fits inside your thumb slit. 

Choose The Right Bowling Ball

When playing with a ball, it’s imperative to avoid getting injured by the ball, as it can cause damage to your nails. To prevent this, you can use a ball designed for your hand. It’s also easier to handle when travelling down the lanes.

The size of the holes in a bowling ball can vary. Large holes provide a more secure grip and prevent nails from getting caught on the ball. Also, they allow for more space during the release phase. Also, remember that the size of bowling balls increases as they get heavier. 

Thus, serious players may need to strengthen their upper bodies to throw heavier balls. More importantly, you might accidentally rip off a nail if you’re not careful when taking your hand off the ball. To protect yourself, wear gloves while bowling.

Ask For A Ball Ramp

A ball ramp can be used by people who can’t throw a ball. Most lanes have ball ramps accessible for younger and less mobile bowlers.  

These ramps are mostly made of strong tubular aluminium, which can be folded flat. These modern bowling ramps are great for any facility, as they are long-lasting and easy to use, and they can complement the facility’s overall look. They also feature many colors to make the facility even more appealing.

The balls are placed on a platform at the top of the ramp, allowing them to be pushed down. You can also point the ramp in the desired direction to control the ball’s trajectory.

Apply Nail Care Essentials

Your question, “Will bowling break my nails?” A nail-strengthening treatment is one product that can help you keep your nails strong and healthy. In addition, applying hand cream can help keep your cuticles and nails in excellent condition.

Certain nail polish and treatments contain harsh chemicals that can weaken your nails. It would be best if you didn’t use nail polish removers with acetone because they can damage your nails in a way you can hardly fix.

Avoid using nail polish removers that contain acetone or other chemicals that could be dangerous. The Food and Drug Administration listed some common nail care products that contain hazardous chemicals.

Healthy Diet And Nutrition

It’s essential to take special care of your nails to look their best while participating in a sport like bowling. Follow the following advice below to maintain the appearance of your nails for as long as possible:

  • Your natural nails will determine the quality of your acrylic nails. To maintain the appearance of your nails, you should add a supplement of vitamin B-complex, known as biotin, into your daily routine. 

Water is also suitable for you for many other reasons, like keeping your nails looking good. Structures. You can also find various whole foods such as salmon, yeast, egg yolks, almonds, sweet potatoes, and more.

  • Water is also good for you for several reasons, like keeping your nails looking good. A minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day are required.
  • To keep your body healthy and strong, you should take a multivitamin and mineral supplement daily. A diet rich in vitamin C, iron, and vitamin A can help strengthen nails.
  • Make sure to wash your hands well after using different cleaning tools or doing the dishes.

Use Nail Protectors

Putting nail protectors on your nails is one of the best ways to protect them from things like bowling. These are usually made from durable materials and can prevent nails from getting damaged due to certain actions.

These nail guards are designed to fit over the fingertips and form a secure fit on the fingers. You can use them to insert fingers into the finger holes. When using these, you can bowl with your nails protected.

Can You Bowl With Dip Nails?

Bowling is possible with either acrylic or dip nails. You will be able to keep your manicure if you do this, so you will have to decide if you want to play with the girls or keep your manicure. However, you must take additional safety steps to avoid breaking a nail. When a nail is broken, it can cause a lot of discomforts. Be aware, however, that for the adhesive used for acrylic nails to adhere properly, the nail bed must first be filed. But if you take off too much of this layer, it could weaken the nails and make them more likely to break.

Your manicurist runs the risk of causing harm to your nails if they make excessive use of a sanding drill. To get rid of any damaged surface on your nails, you need to do nothing more than polish them by hand. You can request that they take it easier on the work or look for a manicurist with more experience.

Protective Tapes For Dip Nails

There are different ways to protect your acrylic nails from damage with these tapes:

  • Protective tape
  • Pre-cut protective tape
  • Fingertip bandages
  • Finger cots

Protective Tape

You can protect your fingers and thumb with protective tape. This tape will help prevent the damage that bowling can do to your nails. To prevent the ball from sliding through the holes, a bowler uses bowling protective tape to close the gaps between their fingers and the ball. Depending on the size and temperature of the lanes, their fingers may shrink or swell during a game.

You can use tape of various types to fill holes. There are multiple types of tape that you can use in holes. White tape is usually smooth black, while the other is rough white.

Compared to smooth tape, textured tape is thicker. It’s usually placed on the palm side of the thumb hole. Using the wrong part of the hole can lead to painful skin conditions such as blisters. It’s necessary to use the correct portion of the thumb hole.

Make sure that your thumb and fingers are on the ball. Using thick and rough tape, mark the inside crease of your thumb. Since it’s thicker, this type of tape is usually used when the hole is too big. 

The ball might have been drilled incorrectly if the hole had been smaller. You can use smooth tape in the thumb hole, even on the palm side. This type of tape is very thin, so that you can make tiny adjustments in the hole size.

Pre-cut Protective Tape

This tape is excellent for wrapping your nails before a game of bowling. It comes in manageable, pre-cut pieces, making cutting them easy.

To keep the back of your thumb in place with a piece of tape that has already been cut, press the end against the curve of the tip of your thumb. Make sure that the tape is as smooth as possible and that there are no wrinkles, bubbles, or other bumps when you put it on.

Fingertip Bandages

These items are usually in your medicine chest. Bandages for the fingertips are called butterfly bandages, and they’re designed to protect the tip of your finger and keep it from getting damaged. Their butterfly shape also makes them more resistant to wear.

Instead of your fingers, the ball goes to the wrist with the help of finger tapes. Thus, using fingertip bandages makes you less likely to get injured. Also, players use this bandage to prevent injuries that are already worse.

Finger Cots

To secure the finger cot to the tip of your finger, slide it across the nail. Some users have found that a rubber band tied around the base of the cot works well. Since there is no adhesive or sticky tape, this is a preferred choice.

The elastic finger cots are made of durable and cut-resistant materials. It can help protect your thumb and fingers from cuts and abrasions. A comfortable elastic band is included in some products. 

Tips For Taping Your Injured Nails Or Fingers

“Will bowling break my nails?” If you’re injured, taping your finger correctly involves following the procedures outlined below.

  1. Make sure you have some finger tape prepared before you begin taping. This way will make your job much easier. In addition, you may treat skin fissures by cleaning the affected area with wipes and then patting it dry.
  2. Wrap the tape over the fingers to treat the fissures, and do this multiple times.
  3. During this process, you need to apply light pressure.
  4. Take care that the tape is manageable. Applying pressure to your fingers for a few seconds at a time to determine the state of their circulation is another essential step. If the amount of blood that is flowing continues to increase, then it is likely that you will be fine.
Long black artificial fingernails would make Bowling harder

Is It Hard To Go Bowling With Long Nails?

“Will bowling break my nails?” Bowling is not typically considered a risky activity by the general public. However, lengthy nails could disadvantage a bowler because they make it more difficult to grip the ball. 

Because of the players’ long nails, the ball may deviate from its intended path or collide with another player. They also tend to catch on the lanes, forcing the ball to swerve off in an unexpected direction.

Additionally, having nails that are too long can make it challenging to handle the ball correctly. As a direct consequence of this, an irregular throw may ensue. It is not a good idea to put yourself and other people in danger by participating in activities that include playing with long nails. You could hurt yourself or someone else.

And finally, if you’re in a bowling league for a few months out of the year, cutting your nails shorter might be the ideal thing for you to do because it won’t be as much of an obstacle for you to overcome while you’re trying to play the game. By utilising it, you will save not only money but also time.

Bowling Technique For Long Nails 

The granny roll (mentioned above) is a great way to enjoy bowling without chemicals or bowling tape. You can also use this method to keep your false nails in place.

You can keep your nails from touching the ball while playing a game of bowling with these acrylics. Whether your nails are strong or fragile, these will give you the courage to go for a granny roll without fear of damaging them.

Although granny rolls are likely rare among professional bowlers, they’re an excellent alternative to carrying around a heavy bowling bag and painful nail treatments.

Do Fake Nails Affect Your Ability To Bowl?

Although you can try to bowl with fake nails, it’s not recommended because it can be hard to fit them into the holes of the bowling ball. It can cause pain as your fingers press against the bottom of the hole. Also, the long nails may break when you release the ball, preventing your performance.

For optimal protection, use gel nails or shorter nails that are stronger. These will allow you to throw with greater accuracy and ensure that your fingers and nails are safe from harm.

Nail Issues In Bowling

Whether you use acrylic (artificial nails) or well-manicured natural nails, bowling is not risk-free if you have them. Unsafe nail bowling can lead to the following problems:

  • While playing a game of bowls, wearing nails could affect your performance. It could also cause your form and skill to suffer. Participating in a competitive setting could lead to a drop in your score.
  • If your fingers get stuck in the hole caused by a throw, you can rip off your nails. It could cause pain, an infection, more expensive manicures, or even nail loss.
  • Your nails can get damaged after one bad game of bowling. The balls are made of heavy materials and rough surfaces, which can scratch and damage your nails. If you play the game for a long time, you might end up with cracked or tarnished nail polish.


When playing a game of bowling, there is always the possibility of damaging your nails. It is not uncommon for them to break or get chipped. ​​Although it may seem like an impossible dream, it is possible to bowl with long or dipped nails. 

You should smooth out your nails and improve your grip to avoid damaging your manicure. You can also cover your fingers with guards or tape. More importantly, you should also consider proper nutrition and nail care. This way, you can fully enjoy the sport of bowling without worrying too much about nail damage. 

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